Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inflorescence of Anubias sp. Frazeri

Not long ago one of the Anubias of the Ukrainian fancier Sergey Gerasimov - Anubias sp. Frazeri began to blossom. You can see his photos of the inflorescence in this post of our “Bulletin”.

It’s interesting to mention, that the access to the pistils of this Anubias was open only for a day. On the second day after the flowering the spatha covered the whole female part of the inflorescence. In most cases the synandria consist of 5 stamens. The thecae are situated on the edge of the synandrium.


What does Anubias sp. Frazeri hide from us? and

Translated from Russian by Julia Niklyaeva and Alexander Grigorov

Photos: Sergey Gerasimov.