Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Anubias “nangi” - is rarely seen in Russia

Practically every anubias’ fancier in Russia has heard about this hybrid, but not so many seen it for oneself. Probably the European Aquarian plants suppliers’ ways went right by our country. A famous Russian selectionist Sergey Bodyagin created a hybrid A. barteri var. nana x A. gilletii 10 years ago. But the Russian analogue of Anubias “nangi” wasn’t so popular among fanciers.

A Ukrainian anubias’ fancier Sergey Gerasimov told the participants of the Russian Anubias forum about this plant:
“I will not enumerate all the sources, where I have seen this name of anubias. There are not so many, but not so less. This anubias was very popular in the West 10 years ago. Unfortunately there is no any photo of this plant. There is information in the book “Aquarienpflanzen” by Christel Kasselmann that a crossbreeding between A. barteri var. nana and A. gilletii was made by R.A. Gasser, who was the owner of the water plant’s greenhouse.

First of all I decided to get to know, who was R.A. Gasser. During my short searches I found myself on the webpage, devoted to Robert Gasser on Jan D. Bastmeijer’s cryptocoryne site. His firm “Quality Aquarium Plants” supplied many American and foreign shops with aquarium plants. He collected and bred the plants of the genus Cryptocoryne. Gasser wrote several articles about these plants. For his achievements two cryptocrynes were named in honor of him – Cryptocoryne gasseri N. Jacobsen (1979) and Cryptocoryne amicorum De Wit and Jacobsen (1983). Unfortunately he was dead in 2002. I couldn’t find any information about his firm and works connected with anubias.

In that direction my searches came to a deadlock. So I began to look for the information about Peter Schneider, he was the one who supplied Europe with this plant. I got to know that Peter Schneider with his wife have been breeding and distributing aquarium plants for many years (more than 40 years). Peter was very sociable man and he said that Gasser had given him Anubias “nangi” and he bred it for many years in his greenhouse.

Here he wrote about this plant:
Anubias nangi in a submerged condition has never grown up more than 15 cm and in an emergent condition it can reach maximum 10 cm in height. Anubias nangi has more delicate leaf (as in submerged, so in emergent conditions), than the other Anubias’ species. Anubias nangi grows up very quickly, than the other representatives of this genus. That’s why this Anubias is very valuable for design as a foreground aquarium plant”.

More than that Peter Schneider sent me a photo of this plant and explanatory sketch to it and allowed us to use these materials on our forum. I express my thanks to him."

The authors of this note: Dmitry Loginov, moderator of the Russian Anubias-Forum, Sergey Gerasimov

The authors used infos from the next Web page.

Translated from Russian by Julia Niklyaeva and Alexander Grigorov.

Photo: Peter Schneider.

© Dmitry Loginov

© Alexander Grigorov

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